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Overview: At the top of the challenge forum, there will be a locked. forum titled 'the box'. In order to solve the password for the box, you will be given facts pertaining to each member of the jury. The facts in between each person will relate to the players directly above and below it.

Each juror has been assigned a letter that pertains to them. The password will be those letters in the order the player appears on the board.

The first person to correctly guess the password and post in the thread in The Box wins Individual Immunity and is guaranteed a spot in the final 3.
a. Jeff Probst
b. Loveita
c. Dean

Never won a season
Person 1
Has Played Stranded
Person 2
Has hosted more than 1 season
Person 3
Has hosted for 15 years

In this scenario. Dean would be person 1, loveita would be person 2 and jeff probst would be person 3. So the password would be 'cba'
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By Jeff Probst
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Wendell! Wins Individual Immunity, cannot be voted out at tonight's council. Guaranteed a spot in the final 3. 

Everyone else, I'll see you in 20 minutes for Tribal Council where we'll vote out the final juror.

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